The Gold Plan Is Pure Gold

Remember when I talked about educating clients first before trying to sell them? Well, if you read my last post you probably will…


Anyways, in the book The Ultimate Sales Machine, Chet Holmes uses a carpet cleaning company that he consulted with to highlight the importance of this marketing tweak.


Let me explain what I did with a local carpet cleaning company I’ve been working with for the last several months. Head on over to if you are in the Cedar Rapids, IA area and are looking for an experienced pro.


Using the framework set forth by Chet, I explained to the owner of this carpet cleaning company that he does have a market problem. He spoke of how business always seemed to slow down around the winter months. I asked him how he has tried to address this issue from year to year, but the one thing that was always consistent was his approach.


You see, he always tried to run a special in a local circular with a sale for his services. He has always tried to entice customers to “buy” from him by offering a discount on his services. Seems logical, right?


Well, it hasn’t worked in previous years. Why is that you might ask. Simple. He was using product data to promote his business and trying to gain the competitive edge on price alone. He needed to develop his own core story and use market data as his instrument of promotion.


By educating his existing customer base about the importance of regularly scheduled carpet cleaning (especially during the winter months when people are more likely to be inside), and the creation of 3 different cleaning packages, silver, gold and platinum, he was able to effectively sell those who were already sold on his services.

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