Chet Holmes Is A Sales Assassin

While I wouldn’t say that I am an avid reader, I do tend to consume more books than most. I’ve found that I really enjoy listening to audiobooks whenever I’m walking my dogs, or when I’m commuting. The beauty with audiobooks is that I am able to keep my mind stimulated and learn at the same time. Here’s to modern tech!


Audiobooks allow me to take an otherwise mundane task like dishwashing, and turn it into a productive learning sesh. Audible is amazing. My hats off to Amazon for that beaut!


The most recent book that I finished is a gem by Chet Holmes called The Ultimate Sales Machine. One of the many success stories that he cited throughout his masterpiece is that of a carpet cleaning company that he consulted for. The unnamed carpet cleaning company built an impressive empire with the careful guidance of Chet’s hand.


In the book, Chet used the carpet cleaner to explain why market data is far more motivating to consumers’ purchasing instincts than product information alone. Chet discovered data published by the EPA that showed how regularly cleaned carpets could make your home 1500% cleaner. One benefit to this? A healthier family.


By offering a 10% discount (that must be used within the next year) on future carpet cleaning services to existing customers, Chet was able to dramatically increase sales. Most homeowners do not regularly have their carpets professionally cleaned, however, by educating homeowners of the importance of scheduled cleaning, existing customers turned into repeat customers.


You might ask, “So what’s the difference between product data and market data?“ Product data is internally focused. Examples include statements like, “our truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine has 35% more suction that our competitors systems.” Product data is useful when your customer is checking out the completion.

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We Rollin’ On Twenty-Twos

Hey there, I’m back.  Took me a few days to sit down and write this post, but like anything else, it’s going to take me a little bit to get in the swing of things.  Don’t they say it takes 21 days in a row of doing something to make it a habit?  Pretty sure for me it takes slightly longer….

So, cool story for you.  One of the businesses that I work with is a limo company in a capital city.  Not going to say where, but let’s just say that the population of the city is a “few” hundred thousand.

I was just reviewing my call logs the other day and since I have started working with the company about six months ago, I have been consistently sending an average of 6 unique phone calls to the business per day.  Combine that with an average of 5 website form submissions and my marketing efforts have generated 330 “unique” leads for this local business.

Imagine what over 300 additional leads could do for your business if you are a business owner.

Think you could grow your business if you had 10 customers dropped in your lap on a daily basis?  I bet you could.  Easily, in fact.

The best part of this?  In 3 months time, I was able to triple the revenue brought in by this moderately-sized limo company.  The owner is an absolute joy to work with and he’s totally ecstatic of the results that I have helped him achieve.

Yellow Hummer Exterior
Bling Bling Baby!

Which is why I feel so good about what I do.  I have no idea how some of those slimey MLMers and pyramid sales schemos sleep at night?  I certainly rest easily knowing that I have added to the bottom line of an ambitious, local business owner who is passionate about their business.

Six months later and the owner is looking into purchasing a couple new additions to his fleet.  The tricked-out chariots that he’s looking at adding are definitely not your run-of-the-mill limo.  Custom all the way baby!

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Time to kick off my new blog and give you all a taste about what to expect from me.

Hi!  I’m Stacy, and I’m an entrepreneur.  That felt weird.  Awkward, if you will.  This is all kind of new for me.  The whole blogging thing.  The entrepreneurial thing isn’t.

So, what’s my plan with this whole blog, you might ask?  Good question.

Over the last 5 years or so I have been able to utilize the internet to market for local businesses, and I’ve had great success.

I decided to start a website and devote it to techniques that I have used to create effective, interactive marketing campaigns for my clients.  I’ve titled the site “Virtual IMS” which is an acronym for Virtual Interactive Marketing Solutions.  Be sure to bookmark my site which can be found at

One of the beautiful things that my marketing has been able to afford me is the ability to stay home with my kids.  I’ve had the pleasure of watching them grow up right before my very eyes, and I’ve been able to earn an income that many would dream of while doing so.

Another huge benefit is that I have no problem sleeping at night because I know that my work builds value (and explodes revenue) for every single local business I work with.  Take that MLMers!

Been there, done that.  Didn’t feel right selling a product that I didn’t really believe in to build a downline where I made money off of friends and family purchasing something that I know they really didn’t need in the first place.  I knew that there had to be something better out there.

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